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To start using your Safe EXIM CD please follow the following steps below:

1. Submit Validation Documents

You will need to submit documents for SafeScrypt to validate:

              · Your organisation is a valid legal entity 
              · You are an authorised representative of your organisation

This is to ensure that no one impersonates you in the online world.
Please download validation guide for the documents required.

Note: It is strongly recommended that you keep a photocopy of all the validation documents that you submit to SafeScrypt. You will need them when you enroll for a certificate (See Step 6)

2. Check your browser version

Please check the version and cipher strength of your Internet Explorer (IE) browser and ensure that it is Version 5.5 and above with 128 bit cipher strength.

Click here to know how to check your browser version. The latest IE 6.0 browser set up is also available in your Safe EXIM CD.

You can upgrade your browser to IE Version 6.0 with 128 bit cipher strength from here.

3. Install your USB Token

To use your USB Token, the appropriate drivers need to be installed and the USB token needs to be initialized on your machine.

The drivers are supplied in the Safe EXIM pack. Our installation guide guides you through the process of installation and initialization.

This guide is also available with your Safe EXIM CD pack.

4. Plug the USB Token into your computer’s USB port

You need to plug the token into the USB port of your machine after installing the token software.

5. Install SafeDoXX for Safe EXIM

Your Safe EXIM pack will guide you through the installation of SafeDoXX for Safe EXIM.

You can also download the SafeDoXX Installation Guide from here.

6. Enroll for a Safe EXIM Digital Certificate

You are now ready to enroll for a Safe EXIM Digital Certificate. Click here to enroll.

Safe EXIM Digital certificate Enrollment Guide will help you with the enrollment.

Safe EXIM pack also contains an online demo to guide you through the enrollment.

7. Pick Up Your Safe EXIM Digital Certificate

On Successful completion of Validation, a PIN will be e-mailed to you for picking up your Safe EXIM digital Certificate on your USB Token. The process of validation usually takes a week..

8. Start Using Safe EXIM

You can now start using Safe EXIM on DGFT website "Using Safe EXIM with DGFT website” guides you through this process.

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