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Download SafeDoXX for Safe EXIM

What is SafeDoXX for Safe EXIM?

SafeDoXX for Safe EXIM is an easy-to-use Desktop Utility that enables Digital Signing of any File using a Safe EXIM Digital Certificate.

Today, the Indian legal framework accords the same significance to Digital Signatures on electronic documents as physical signatures on paper documents. Therefore, a user in India can leverage the benefits offered by the Indian Information Technology Act 2000 (IT Act 2000) by Digitally Signing electronic documents in lieu of traditional physical signatures and enjoy the same legal status as physical signatures, provided the Digital Certificate used has been issued by a licensed Certifying Authority. 

Who can use SafeDoXX for Safe EXIM?

SafeDoXX for Safe EXIM can be used by Import and Export (EXIM) organizations that are registered with the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) and have a valid Importer-Exporter Code (IEC). The EXIM organization is required to nominate an Authorized Employee to interact with the DGFT on behalf of the EXIM organization. This authorized employee would have SafeDoXX for Safe EXIM installed on his/her computer, with which he/she would Digitally Sign documents for upload on the DGFT website. 

What should I do with a Digitally Signed file?

EXIM organizations are required to file several documents with the DGFT while applying for their duty-drawback licenses. Since DGFT permits the EXIM organizations to apply for their licenses online, DGFT has also permitted the EXIM organizations to send these accompanying documents electronically. 

However, DGFT has stipulated that these electronic documents need to be Digitally Signed before they are uploaded onto the DGFT website. 

Therefore, when applying online for their licenses, the EXIM organizations would need to use SafeDoXX for Safe EXIM to Digitally Sign all the accompanying documents and upload them to DGFT through their website.

What does DGFT do with a Digitally Signed file?

DGFT has incorporated an application on their website that automatically verifies the Digital Signature on a Digitally Signed file. This ensures that only documents Digitally Signed by a valid EXIM organization can be uploaded to DGFT through their website.

Once the Digitally Signed file is uploaded on DGFT’s website, DGFT checks to see if the Digital Signature is valid, that the sender is authentic and that the original document has not been tampered with. DGFT then processes these documents for issuance of the licenses.

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